Anatomy of an Acai Bowl – Infographic - 12.27.2013

Açaí, pronounced “ah-sigh-ee,” is a tiny purple palm fruit and is the king of the superfruit jungle. One of the most fun ways to get your açaí is in the form of a thick-blended smoothie served in a bowl – an acai bowl. You blend up frozen açaí then top it with amazing things like   …Continue Reading

Acerola: The Amazon Cherry - 12.18.2013

Sambazon uses only organic and sustainably harvested acerola from a bio-dynamic farm. This philosophy honors the importance of biodiversity by emphasizing the holistic interrelationships of the soil, plants and animals. The result is a self-sustaining system eliminating the need for chemicals, pesticides, over grazing and ultimately a farm that is better in-tune with the rhythm of nature.   …Continue Reading