Coming to a Costco near you! - 12.16.2014

Find a location: click here. We’ve been working over the last year and half to craft a reduced sugar juice that packs all the superfood nutrition acai has to offer – while taking advantage of the fact acai has no naturally occurring sugar. Aaaand the day is finally here! Introducing Sambazon REDUCED SUGAR Acai Berry Amazon   …Continue Reading

Amazon Trip 2014: Part 3 of 3 - 12.06.2014

A boat ride up the Amazon River can be adventurous enough.  It is an entirely different experience when you cram 30 hammocks in a space that can comfortably fit 15 and then have 2-3 people per hammock. This would be our ferry ride.  9 hours later, we arrived in Limão do Curuá, deep in the   …Continue Reading

Amazon Trip 2014: Part 2 of 3 - 12.04.2014

After two days in Rio, it was time to make our way up to the Amazon Rainforest.  After a full day of travel we landed in Macapa located at the mouth of the Amazon River Estuary and referred to by residents as “the capital of the middle of the world” given the equator runs right   …Continue Reading

Amazon Trip 2014: Part 1 of 3 - 12.02.2014

Rio de Janeiro It was açaí that inspired our founders to start Sambazon nearly 15 years ago.  This unique purple berry has a rich history in Brazil. As you can see in our most recent video, takes an inspiring journey from the Amazon Rainforest. Every year we travel back to Brazil and up to the   …Continue Reading

Acai Journey – Video Sneak Peek! - 09.12.2014

It was nearly 15 years ago since we first started bringing acai from the heart of the Brazilian Amazon to the World.  Our latest video traces the journey acai takes from atop 40’ palms in the Rainforest to the palm of your hand by way of our organic fresh juices and frozen goods. The 6 chapters   …Continue Reading

Sambazon Takeover – ColorfulFoodie - 09.03.2014

This is Ana from @ColorfulFoodie and I am so excited to takeover the Sambazon Instagram account for the next few days! I am Brazilian and grew up on acai so it is only natural to use Sambazon in my beautiful, nutritious and delicious creations. As a healthcare professional I am an advocate of counting colors,   …Continue Reading

National Farmer’s Market Week: August 4-10th - 08.05.2014

  Everyone’s first farmer’s market experience is a little bit the same. You arrive early one Sunday morning, not expecting much more than an offering of cactus jellys and food trucks. And are soon in awe over the abundant selection of seasonal fresh produce and small business venders lining the courtyard. Two hours later, you’re   …Continue Reading

Sambazon Summer Instagram Contest - 08.01.2014

Summer is a time for road trips, BBQs, surfing, campfires and getting your Tribe together. To celebrate the last month of summer, each week in August one lucky person* will win: 3 cases of Sambazon Freshies – your pick. Some of our recent favorites are Acai The Original, Chocolate + Almond + Coconut Milk, Blended   …Continue Reading

Sambazon Acai Purple Love Kit -

The Sambazon Acai Purple Love Kit is essential for the acai enthusiast. You’ll get: A sustainably harvested acacia wood Sambazon bowl and spoon. It is the ultimate acai bowl vessel that keeps your hands warm while your acai stays frosty. An etched, reclaimed glass perfect for cold Sambazon Freshies and fresh blended smoothies. A Sambazon Kitchen   …Continue Reading

My Bikini Tour 2014 - 07.16.2014

This July 16-21 be a part of the Rip Curl My Bikini Tour, an East & West Coast US tour with 5 of the world’s best surfers. Join Bethany Hamilton, Alana Blanchard, Tyler Wright, Pauline Ado, and Nikki Van Dijk as they surf their way into summer! Much love to our friends at Wahoo’s GoPro,   …Continue Reading