Martin Luther King Jr. - 01.20.2014

Today, January 20, is Martin Luther King Jr. day and his birthday – he would have been 85 this year. His picture hangs in my office, as he was a great influence on my life.  The short clip below is from a sermon he gave just a few months before his assassination at 39 years   …Continue Reading

Sambazon Purifying Cleanse – A Diary of Our 3-Day Experience - 01.09.2014

Happy 2014, Tribe! This year is definitely going to be an amazing one. For starters, we’re buds, so that’s cool. And second, a new year is the perfect time to strive for more happiness, remind ourselves of the positivity around us, aaand do the 3-day Sambazon Purifying Cleanse. Our office Tribe chipped in and hired a local chef to   …Continue Reading