Alison’s Adventures Acai Bowl - 04.25.2014

Alison's Adventures Tropical Sambazon Acai Bowl

Alison from Alison’s Adventures is a surfer and film maker who takes sustainable adventures around the world to share secrets of survival, sustainability and happiness. She also recently starred in Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid and told us acai helped bring her back to health after being marooned on an island for 21 days. We are stoked that she was able to take some time away from her most recent adventure to share her favorite acai bowl recipe with Sambazon.

And, bonus, she got her mom from Yoga Adventures (a 40 year yogi!) in on the fun.

Alison's Adventures + her beautiful mom share a Sambazon acai bowl

Watch their acai bowl making adventure including health tips, then get the recipe to make your own  Alison’s Adventure’s Tropical Sambazon Acai Bowl.

Mouth-wateringly beautiful!

Alison's Adventures Tropical Acai Bowl

Shout out to Sarah Lee for these photography + video skills.

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