Celebrate Mother Earth With Us on Earth Day! - 04.11.2013

No longer limited to a mere day, April is Earth month! And while we’d vote for everyday to be Earth Day, we’re in favor of any movement that raises the collective consciousness on the impact we have on our one-and-only planet. Central in our thoughts is the health of the Brazilian Amazon – the lungs of the Earth– and making sure that we share its gifts in a way that positively impacts people and the planet.


There was a point in time where the environmental destruction of the Amazon Rainforest was occurring at such a rate that an area of land equivalent to the state of Rhode Island was disappearing annually. As members of the Tribe, your support has helped us be part of the solution, and together we’ve conserved nearly 2 million acres of rainforest. But our work is not done – there’s progress to be made in the Amazon, and at home, wherever yours may be.
Interested in getting involved? Check the  World Wildlife Foundation,  Nature Conservancy, or start with  picking 5 actions to celebrate Earth Day to further your personal efforts in being the change you want to see in the world.

Obrigado for all you do.
Ryan Black
CEO and Co-Founder


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