Non-GMO Infographic - 06.17.2013

Here’s an infographic to give you the low-down on genetically modified food:

Genetically Modified Organisms Uncovered #nonGMO #righttoknow  |  Sambazon

8 thoughts on “Non-GMO Infographic

  1. Monsanto and other high power, big money lobbying, cash cows for the president, with pesticides, and Genetically modified seed and organisms along with gene splicing to create frankenfish and frankensheep, cows, etc. will either kill everything on this planet or save everyone on it. I lean toward the latter. It is sad to think that the planet Earth is still the laughing stock of our Solar System. We’ll eventually kill everyone off anyway; either by religious extremism, famine, war, or continuing to build machines that have been around too long and use too much of our precious natural resources.

  2. Nice graphic … HOWEVER – it continues to perpetuate the MYTH that a PLU number beginning with “8″ is genetically modified. PLU numbers are NOT about informing the public. They are for internal inventory use for producers & sellers … ONLY! There is NO legal requirement that a GE papaya from Hawaii be labeled with an 8. The ONLY legal mandate is that if the PLU begins with a 9, it must be organic.

    People are mislead by perpetuating this myth, thinking that what they’re buying is not GMO when it may be.

  3. While the presentation is nice and peppy, and the information is mostly good as far as it goes, I was disappointed by some important omissions and something that I consider to be dangerous disinformation.
    First, presenting the myths Monsanto and its cronies are trying to perpetuate without debunking them is confusing and counterproductive. Didn’t you have any room to mention Roundup-ready superweeds, farmer suicides due to poor yields and higher costs, widespread use of toxic herbicides which these crops are designed to tolerate, land grabs and monocropping to produce biofuels, loss of pollinators like bees, etc. etc. Or the idiocy of a non-browning apple (I assume that is what the reference to increased shelf life is about).
    Secondly, the business about the 5-digit numbers starting with 8 is a red herring because producers are not obliged to use that system; it is optional. Thus while it may be true that 8 is the code for GMOs, you will never see a 5-digit number starting with 8. What we need is mandatory labeling (or better still, a ban). Telling people about the numbers starting with 8 gives them the impression that a form of labeling is already in place. When they see numbers starting with 3 or 4 they think it means no GMOs.
    Thank you for encouraging people to watch out for phony “non-GMO” labeling and to buy organic (I would point out however that at least in Canada, there are other, more stringent organic certifiers; the USDA label actually leaves a bit to be desired; witness the use of antibiotics on USDA “organic” apples and pears).

  4. Yes, agree about “snappy” and “as far as it goes.” Having been given some freezer packs as a friend moved out of town, I was reminded why I donʻt buy: Citric Acid. Not prefaced with: “Non-GMO” or, maybe, “Non-Corn.” Checking will show Citric Acid isnʻt always made with corn; however, it USUALLY is. So, whatʻs up? Is or isnʻt Sambazonʻs Citric Acid GMO????? A related comment: Leave it OUT.

    • All the ingredients we use are verified non-GMO. We are so proud we even include the label on our drinks! The reason we add citric acid at this time (I will pass along your feedback) is because it lowers the pH slightly which allows us to pasteurize it at a more gentle temperature while still ensuring it is super safe. Less than 0.5% is used in any of our products.

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