How To Make an Açaí Bowl - 04.04.2013

Now that you’re excited about National Açaí Bowl Day, you know what an açaí bowl is and have the tools to blend one up, let’s talk about how to make the best açaí bowl ever! Making an açaí bowl is super simple: Blend tasty ingredients until smooth but thick texture, pour into a bowl, then top with all the goodies your heart and stomach desire! Easy, right?! Totally. But there are a few tips we’ve uncovered after years of serious açaí bowl creation that can make bowl-making even easier.

How to Make a Sambazon Acai Bowl

The Basics:

  1. Make sure you have all the ingredients you need to make your favorite bowl. The most basic ingredients to make one açaí bowl are 2 Sambazon Original Açaí Smoothie Packs, half an organic banana, 1/8c liquid, and toppings.
  2. Let your Sambazon Smoothie Packs sit at room temperature for about 5 minutes before using or run them under warm water for about 5 seconds.
  3. When filling your blender, add soft stuff (like fresh fruit) first and add frozen goodies on top. This will keep your blender happy for future bowl making.
  4. Add a splash of liquid at a time so your Açaí bowl doesn’t turn into a smoothie. You can always add more liquid, but it’s not as fun to thicken up a liquidy bowl.
  5. Before opening your Smoothie Packs, break the contents into smaller pieces for easier blending and a smoother final product.
  6. Now that you have your ingredients in your blender in the right order, start your blender on low until the big chunks are chopped then slowly work up the speed.
  7. Before adding more liquid while blending, first try stopping the motor and scraping the mixture toward the blades so everything has a chance to become smooth.
  8. You will reach top speed as your açaí bowl starts to have the same uniform color. Keep it at this speed for 10-20 seconds.
  9. Pour your mixture into your favorite bowl and top with a variety of toppings to give yourself maximum fullness satisfaction. Try to get different colors, flavors, textures, and nutrition piled high!

Check out some of our favorite açaí bowl recipes including ones uploaded by the Sambazon Tribe or create and upload your own to win (details here).

 BONUS Tips of the Trade:

  • Start simple with your ingredients. You can always add more and more… and more!
  • Avoid ice. It waters everything down and will actually make your açaí bowl separate as the ice starts to melt. Não é bom.
  • If you want your bowl super thick, try using frozen fruit instead of fresh (especially bananas).
  • A little honey drizzle will make your bowl look glorious and taste extra special!

Two more days until the first ever National Açaí Bowl Day! Tag us (@Sambazon) in your açaí bowl pictures on Twitter and Instagram using #NABD to spread the purple love!

25 thoughts on “How To Make an Açaí Bowl

  1. I have made “acai bowls” since 2006! I just didn’t know what they were called! I use frozen blueberries, bananas and frozen acai smoothie pack. When I couldn’t find the frozen acai, I would used the freeze-dried. It’s all yummy.

  2. Hi! If I want to take some of the smoothie packs with me from Los Angeles to Mexico they will arrive unfrozen. Do they still work? Can I put them in my freezer as soon as I arrive home?
    Thank you!

    • We cannot guarantee the freshness of the Smoothie Packs once they have been defrosted for any period of time more than 4 hours. Whenever we ship them we use dry ice, which is something you may want to consider! Good luck! -Michelle

      • Sounds like what I make every morning epcext I use silken tofu but have been looking for a change. Hoping the almond butter will be better. I also just use a lot of kale and no spinach, but I’m glad someone else is posting a recipe similar to mine so at least I know I’m on the right track!

    • You can! It is a quick fix if you don’t have time or want to blend. If you want to start with the sorbet as a base you can either just add toppings to it as is or you can blend it with banana and other goodies. -Michelle

  3. This sounds like a great breakfast! I have been making smoothies for my kids, but I am going to try this tomorrow.

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  5. No matter what I do my acai comes out a little bit grainy. I’ve had them with an almost pudding-like texture. How do I get that at home? Any tips?

    • Açaí is actually 90% seed and the 10% of the fruit that we consume is mostly the berry’s peel, which can have some texture or a grainy feel to it. We do not strain our açaí to eliminate that grit because we want to pass along the most whole food nutrition from Mother Nature to you. Have you tried incorporating avocado to your recipes? Or frozen banana works really great too. Let us know what you end up doing or if you want more tips. Much love, Michelle

  6. Hi,
    I have been making Acai bowls for the past couple months, and every time I make them it turns out to be a soupy consistency. I usually blend it with a piece of fresh pinnapple, I was wondering how to make it so its thick?

    • For our classic Rio Acai Bowl, we like to use 1/2 a banana, 2 Sambazon frozen Smoothie Packs, and 1-3 oz of liquid (apple juice, hemp milk, etc). A few tips: break the Smoothie packs into smaller pieces before adding to blender, I use the edge of a table to help while the Smoothie Pack is still in the wrap. While blending, you may need to pause the blender to stir ingredients toward the blades if you are using a lower powered machine. Also, start with just a little liquid then add more if you need it to blend. If you’re using pineapple, you may not need any liquid depending on the juiciness of your fruit. Let us know if that helps. Thanks for being part of the Tribe. -Michelle

  7. I love the Acai sorbet!!! My wife and I buy it like crazy through whole foods. I just wish it was made like your liquid acai without any kind of cane syrup or sugar like products. We try not to do sugars or artificial sweeteners in our house!

    • Awesome feedback! Thank you. I will share this with our recipe development team so they have it on their radar if they don’t already. Much love for being part of the Tribe -Michelle

    • Hey Danielle! I have done this and it works with mixed success depending on your blend (how much banana, juice, etc.). After it is frozen, either let it sit out at room temp for about 30 minutes or warm it up on low power in your microwave, checking it every 10-30 seconds until your desired consistency is reached. Let us know what your results are for future askers. I had one guy who used to make his for the week in one sitting and freeze them for easy breakfasts. It’s not the same texture when you defrost it, but it is still super tasty! Thanks for being part of the Tribe. -Michelle

  8. Can you only make Acai bowls with the smoothie packs – can you use the freeze dried powder and if so – how would you use it? Thanks

    • Hey Terryn! If you are using the Freeze Dried Powder, blend one scoop of it into 1-2 cups of frozen fruit + 1/2 a banana (for creaminess). Let us know how it comes out or add your recipe to for other people to enjoy! – Michelle

  9. Is there another substitute I can use instead of banana to mix/blend with the Acai frozen packs to make acai bowls? I am not a fan of banana :( .. Thanks!

    • Hey Darrien! Hmm… this is a tricky one. The juice does contain more liquid than the Smoothie Packs so even if you froze it, you would get more of a delicious slushy than a creamy bowl. My recommendation would be to use about 2 cups of your favorite frozen fruit (berries would be great), 1/2 banana or avocado, and about 1/2-1 cup of Sambazon depending on how frozen you want it. That way you get the frozen style and a bit of the cocoa berry flavor from the acai. Let me know how it goes or even add your recipe to -Michelle

    • Each pack should have an expiration date – that is your best reference on how long to keep the Superfruit Packs. Hope you’re loving your blends. Much love, Michelle

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