It’s Açaí Harvest time! - 06.19.2013

Sambazon Açaí berries atop 40 foot palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest

Summer officially begins on June 21 and we are already settling our minds into Summer mode. We live for this time of year.  The weather is getting warmer, seasonal fruits and veggies are showing up in our company CSA basket (find a CSA near you) and the annual açaí harvest is underway in the Amazon. While many of you are beginning to reap the reward of your own backyard gardens, more than 10,000 family farmers in the Amazon are harvesting açaí to bring you the next level in Superfood nutrition.

Each branch of Sambazon açaí contains 500-900 berries and is hand-harvested by a family farmer with love of tree climbing and a machete

From June through August Sambazon’s açaí grows wild in the Amapá and Pará regions in the Brazilian Rainforest atop 40 foot or taller palm trees. Each branch holds approximately 500-900 berries and is hand-harvested by local farmers. That means that some dude (carrying a machete) scales palm trees to hand-chop each branch individually then remove each berry from the branches by hand. On a typical day they can harvest close to 30,000,000 açaí berries!

Sambazon is USDA organic, B-Corporation certified, Vegan, Gluten-free, Fairtrade Eco-Certified, and Non-GMO project verified.

Throughout the years we’ve pioneered and established USDA Organic certification and Fair Trade practices that have led to sustainably managing the Amazon Rainforest with an eye toward protecting the future of people and the planet. And now we can all enjoy açaí pulp even when we’re not on the beaches of Rio.

Sambazon Frozen Smoothie Packs are the freshest açaí you can buy because they package their products in their factory on the Amazon River- very close to where their açaí is harvested.

One of the purest expressions of the harvest is our Unsweetened Smoothie Packs, which contain more than 99% pure açaí. Our Frozen Smoothie Packs are the freshest because they are packaged in our factory located on the Amazon River estuary where the Amazon and Pará rivers merge.


Check out some of our favorite recipes or upload your own and share your purple love with the rest of the Sambazon Tribe.


Ter um grande verão (Have a great Summer)!



Ryan Black

CEO and Co-Founder



2 thoughts on “It’s Açaí Harvest time!

  1. I love your product, but if yu want to say “Have a great summer!” remember you are using the imperative case and grande literally means big, so you should write “Tenha um otimo verao!”

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