Our Favorite Travel Spots - 08.23.2013

When asked “What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled” we got some awesome responses + pictures from our Tribe:

Grogeous Brazil

“That’s a hard question not unlike asking one what the best tasting food they’ve ever tried was. I’ve been to so many different places and had so many experiences. Brazil is certainly one close to my heart. Like many other places in the world, Brazil has incredible natural beauty and culture, from the beaches to the ghetto and graffiti of the favelas. One thing I would say that always exhilarates me about visiting Brazil is the positive energy of its people. A true melting pot of cultures, Brazil’s nationalism is unmatched in the world. People there have a sense of pride for being Brazilian and a zest for live. This zest is called Alegria and translates to a soulful contentedness. Visiting Brazil you can’t help but get mixed up in all this emotion that is everywhere from a samba dance club on the street corner to a pick up game of soccer on the beach, to locals playing folk music up and down the Amazon. Whatever their history, no matter how jaded through colonialism, poverty or dictatorship, they manage to celebrate diversity, culture and life in a contagious way.” -Ryan Black, Founder Sambazon

Tahiti, Sambazon, travel, Huahine

“My favorite place I’ve been to was hard to pick but I’d have to say a small island called Huahine in Tahiti.  What really left an impression was that the indigenous people live such simple lives but were the happiest and most content people I’ve met.  It made me think about what truly matters in life, and really caused us to slow down and just enjoy what’s around us.” – Ashley Hoffa, Operations Manger

Prague, Czech Republic

“My favorite place that I have ever traveled to was Prague, Czech Republic. The architecture and fine details that went into making the castles and cathedrals inside and out were astonishing. No building was left without magnificent detail, and with it came so much history. Funny thing is while I was in Prague I tried Brazilian food for the very first time and loved it. Although, I would still love to try authentic Brazilian food.” – Hector Garcia, Sales Coordinator

Moorea Sambazon Vacation Beach

“My favorite adventure so far is a last minute trip I took to the heart-shaped island of Moorea in the French Polynesian Islands. On the ferry over from Tahiti the deep crystal waters had me relaxed before even dipping a toe. When I got to our private bunglaow in a locals-only neighborhood I was blissfully surrounded by banana, coconut, and papaya trees. Happy pups and kids were lounging and playing outside everywhere and a desserted beach was just across the street. For more than a week I was biking, eating fresh fish and baguette, whale-watching, sleeping under a mosquito net drenched in monoi oil, snorkeling, catamaraning, making coconut milk, ignoring technology, and meeting the nicest people perhaps ever. Everything and everyone I met on that trip was just beautfiul.”  -Michelle Tyler, Social Media Manager


What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled?

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