Preserving Summer - 06.27.2013

This summer we are stoked on all the seasonal produce from our farmer’s markets and from our own backyards! 

There is so much good stuff in our fridge and on our countertops that we have more than we can eat. We decided to tackle a fun summer project of learning some new skills to make use of all Mother Nature has been sending our way.

How to Use Your Seasonal Produce  |  Sambazon


Over the next few weeks we’re going to be preserving, posicling, smoothie packing, drying, freezing and sharing our bounty. We’ve uncovered a few how tos that we’ll be following and have listed them below in case you want to try your hand at some of these.

Check out some awesome blogs with fun how tos:


We want to know, what are you doing with your summer harvests?

4 thoughts on “Preserving Summer

  1. I just bought a juicer. Is there a website that you can recommend for me to check out? BTW, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

    • Hey Kelly! We actually grab different juicing recipes from a lot of different sites and usually pin them on Pinterest ( Also, (more often) we try to use up what we have left in the fridge :) A lot of the time we have leftovers from our CSA basket so we juice what we have. I, personally, love the sweetness of carrots and beets and the added kick/digestive support from a nob of ginger. Another of my favorite combos is apple + greens + lemon. Play around and try to pay attention to how your body (and taste buds) responds to different combos -Michelle

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