Sambazon Acai Purple Love Kit - 08.01.2014

Sambazon Acai Purple Love KitThe Sambazon Acai Purple Love Kit is essential for the acai enthusiast. You’ll get:

  • A sustainably harvested acacia wood Sambazon bowl and spoon. It is the ultimate acai bowl vessel that keeps your hands warm while your acai stays frosty.
  • An etched, reclaimed glass perfect for cold Sambazon Freshies and fresh blended smoothies.
  • A Sambazon Kitchen recipe book filled with recipes, tips and general mind-expanding knowledge for you.
  • An acai seed bracelet, hand-made in Brazil.

We are randomly hooking people up with these every Tuesday! Be sure to tag your pictures #sambazon so we can see what you’re posting.

9 thoughts on “Sambazon Acai Purple Love Kit

  1. Love the Sambazon Acai Purple Love Kit especially for here in Baltimore Maryland since Baltimore is Raven’s country, the Raven’s Football Purple Love!

  2. Hello,

    We carry the Acai frozen packets to make smoothies. We would like to carry the sorbet and I love the purple love pack to serve it in. How would we go about that?

    Thank you in advance for you help!

    Cheers, Angela

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    • You have to win one for now, Gerard. We’re randomly picking someone each week who uses the hashtag #sambazon on their pictures and we’ll have more contests coming up! much love – Michelle

    • We recommend no longer than 7 days out of the freezer – unfortunately we cannot ensure the quality of the Superfruit Packs after that point. Much purple love, Michelle

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