Sambazon Purifying Cleanse – A Diary of Our 3-Day Experience - 01.09.2014

And just like that… one day turned into another year  |  Sambazon

Happy 2014, Tribe! This year is definitely going to be an amazing one. For starters, we’re buds, so that’s cool. And second, a new year is the perfect time to strive for more happiness, remind ourselves of the positivity around us, aaand do the 3-day Sambazon Purifying Cleanse.

Our office Tribe chipped in and hired a local chef to prepare the meals and snacks from the Sambazon cleanse meal plan created in partnership with Ashley Koff, RD. All meals and snacks were sourced with organic produce from a local farm and delivered daily to our office. It was pretty sweet having everything prepped for us and if you can convince your boss to make this happen at your work or at least get your friends to get in on the food prep, I highly recommend it. I finished the 3 days feeling like I can incorporate some of these healthy eating and drinking habits into my day-to-day to have a more healthful and energized life.

On to the Sambazon cleanse play-by-play. As recommended in the meal plan, we all tried to prep for 2-3 days before by nixing alcohol, animal products, artificial ingredients and (hardest for most people) caffeine.


Cleanse Plan

Fast forward to Monday, the day of the Sambazon cleanse that prepares the body for renewal by providing a balance of nutrients so your body can maintain a healthy metabolism. The alarm goes off and I drink 2 cups of water with my normal daily vitamin, head into work and pour myself 11 ounces of the first organic juice, Daily Cleanse: Acerola Cherry + Lemon + Cayenne and bring my raw nuts back to my desk to nibble on as slow as I could manage to stretch out the feeling of eating. I, personally, love spice so this first beverage is perfect. You can actually taste the cayenne. That being said, a co-worker of mine does not love spice so opted to blend her 11 ounces with ice so it was a little diluted, but still icy cold and satisfying.

Cue lots of water… you never pay attention to how little water you drink until you are asked to drink half your body weight in ounces each day (i.e.: if you weigh 150, you drink 75 ounces of water or just shy of 10, 8 ounce glasses).

Just about the time my stomach started getting chatty, it was time for the mid-morning snack: Quinoa Bowl with berries + coconut oil. I wasn’t super hungry at this point so I only ate about half of the quinoa from my bowl. I should mention that I am a normal-weight lady who eats pretty healthy normally because many of the dudes around me did not agree that there was more than enough food. If you are ever feeling deprived, you should totally increase your portion sizes as needed because these are all healthy, good-for-you foods.

Before I knew it, lunch arrived and we got 11 ounces of Purifying Greens with Kale + Apple + Cucumber + Parsley along with a super yummy Beet and Orange Salad with caraway. The salad was, according to my male co-worker, “cute” – it was about the size of a small dinner salad – but it was very satisfying. The Purifying Greens is not the prettiest of the three drinks, but it is really well-balanced with the sweetness of the apple and crispness of the cucumber taking center stage.

Sambazon Cleanse nightly herbal tea

A few more hours rolled by and my boss’s favorite time of the day arrived: the mid-day snack with 11 ounces of Protein Recharge with Brazil Nuts + Cashews + Cocoa with some fresh, raw veggies. I mean, he basically walked into the office and gave a toast to how wonderfully decadent and delicious this drink is. And we all cheers’d back. A group cheers is not required, but highly recommended to optimize your cleanse radness.

Work ends, heated power flow yoga ensues, and dinner is ready when I get home – thanks personal chef. I opted for the Liquid Courage route, which meant switching out the solid dinner recommended by Ashley Koff for a soup. This evening, I had the Cauliflower-Zucchini Soup (yum) while others had the Open-Faced Veggie Burger (double yum). I ate around 7 p.m. and was pretty hungry by 8:30p.m. I capped off the evening with some herbal tea to tide me over (kind of) until bed. All in all an easy first day: metabolism balanced!


Sambazon Cleanse Day 2

Tuesday was a similar routine, except I woke up hungry. Day 2 of the Sambazon cleanse focuses on eliminating toxins from the body and getting the digestive system working with lots of fiber, potassium and greens. Here’s the happs:

  • 11 ounces of Daily Cleanse: Acerola Cherry + Lemon + Cayenne – I could have used some food at this point after my light dinner last night, but tried to stick with the plan.
  • Organic Fruit Bowl with nuts – I started eating this early and ate it slow to make it last.
  • 11 ounces of Purifying Greens with Kale + Apple + Cucumber + Parsley with Massaged Kale Salad – The kale massaging works miracles because this salad was delicious and surprisingly filling. We all debated what it was that filled us up but never reached a consensus… the Braggs, the seeds, the smaller stomachs?
  • 11 ounces of Protein Recharge with Brazil Nuts + Cashews + Cocoa with fresh, raw veggies – I wasn’t even ready for this snack, but brought it to my desk and ate it over the next couple hours and even took some of the veggies home in case I had another hunger repeat from the night before. People in general are not their most awesome when they’re hungry and one of my co-workers put it perfectly, “harmony at home is more important than a cleanse.” True that.
  • Chilled Cucumber, White Bean, and Avocado soup or Saag-Sational Curry – Now this soup was good, don’t get me wrong, but boy am I glad I had my extra veggies from earlier. I think chewing something made me feel more full out of habit. Others reported that the curry was delicious(!) but may have enjoyed a little extra. It’s interesting that people (myself included) typically do the opposite of what we should be doing with size of meals: People eat small (or no) breakfast and gigantic dinners… we should swap that caloric intake for sure and this Sambazon cleanse really punctuates that.
  • Herbal tea nightcap – I chose a savory tea that actually felt decadent. I was amazed how quickly my tastebuds responded to eating a fruit and veggie heavy diet and began enjoying simple flavors.
  • Day in review – The morning was tough for everyone at the office (the toughest in hindsight) and next time around I will probably either sneak a few nuts in the morning or split my Organic Fruit Bowl in two portions to space out the yummy calories. The water drinking was a lot easier today and I definitely exceeded my recommended amount. Dinner again felt small, but I am willing to bet that’s because I usually eat too big a portion and the meal provided is a more accurate portrayal of what my body needs. Plus, I feel lighter… like I’ve got a pep to my step.


Sambazon 3 Day Cleanse

Day 3 of the Sambazon cleanse is in place to restore the body and recharge natural energy levels. Wednesday morning I was again ready for food. I chugged about 16 ounces of water right when I woke up hoping that would tide me over until to got to work at which point I immediately starting sipping the Daily Cleanse:

  • 11 ounces of Daily Cleanse: Acerola Cherry + Lemon + Cayenne with Apple + Almond Butter – Our awesome chef made spiced almond butter from scratch and everyone was pretty darn excited about it. The little things (like cinnamon) really elevate a simple snack to another level.
  • Sambazon Overnight Oats – After “starving” in the morning and eating the breakfast, I surprisingly wasn’t in a hurry to get my snack. And Chocolate + Almond + Coconut Milk Overnight Oats are the best. I eat them at least weekly in real life so I was excited to have them during the Sambazon cleanse. It took me an hour and a half to eat them because I wasn’t all that hungry.
  • 11 ounces of Purifying Greens with Kale + Apple + Cucumber + Parsley with Steamed Vegetable Plate with Tofu - Noon rolled around, then 1p.m. I still wasn’t hungry after all that almondy, oaty protein, but needed to get my lunch on so the rest of the day could go according to plan. The meal was delicious and then I may or may not have wanted a nap.
  • 11 ounces of Protein Recharge with Brazil Nuts + Cashews + Cocoa with fresh, raw veggies - Drank the drink, saved the veggies – I couldn’t hang.
  • Lentils with Mushrooms and Butternut Squash or  Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup – The soup was deliciously savory and rich and the chunks of apple and butternut squash were little tasty treasures. I also got reports that the non-Liquid Courage meal was very filling and delicious as well and even the men felt like it was enough food to fill them up (emotional hunger aside).
  • Herbal tea nightcap – I chose a sweeter tea for my last night, Chamomile Honey, as a kind of dessert. It was the perfect end to the Sambazon cleanse and the nightly tea is definitely a ritual I will continue.
  • Day in review – This protein-rich day was super filling, satisfying and motivating. I feel excited to continue incorporating the organic juices + smaller meals into my every day regime.

Ending on a day like this made me feel like I can definitely incorporate some of these eating and drinking habits into my day-to-day to have a more healthful and energized life. Organic juice + awesome small meals makes for a happy Sambazon Tribe and, bonus, I lost a few holiday pounds. I hope you love the Sambazon cleanse as much as we all did! Tell us in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram :)

Purple love,





24 thoughts on “Sambazon Purifying Cleanse – A Diary of Our 3-Day Experience

  1. How were your energy levels? Do you think it would have been much harder to stick with the cleanse if you had to prepare all of the meals yourself? Lastly, did you give up caffeine/ are you a daily coffee or soda drinker?

    • Hey, Sharon. Really great questions! 1. Everyone’s energy levels differed throughout. For me, days were a breeze but evenings were harder. That being said, I still went to heated yoga (one hour) two of the three nights and just went into child’s pose when I started feeling tired. Other people did add additional snacks (think protein rich nuts or nutrient rich green smoothies in the mornings) if they were feeling low on energy. 2. I have done the cleanse about five times now and have prepared my meals three of those times. I think it is nice to be in the kitchen during the evenings preparing meals for the next day instead of focusing on my lack of feeling full (not necessarily hungry, just not stuffed), but everyone is different. Plus, I have read from a few bloggers that it was good to be reminded of what real (not processed) food tastes like and takes to prepare so they can incorporate those habits into their post-cleanse lives. 3. I am not a standard caffeine drinker (maybe 3 times a week) so I very easily stopped caffeine, but many (most?) of my colleagues are avid caffeine drinkers. Some were able to stop drinking caffeine, one woman said the weekend prep really helped her because she was still able to eat her normal foods while getting used to no caffeine, then when the cleanse started, she was good to go. Others tried to stop caffeine then decided they were a much nicer person with it (“Harmony at home is more important than a cleanse”) so stuck with Sambazon Amazon Energy drinks or Yerba Mate tea. The reason the Purifying Cleanse asks you to stop drinking caffeine is so your body has a chance to restore your natural energy levels. Hope that helps! -Michelle

  2. I am on day 2 and feel so much better already. I really enjoy the meals which I thought I would not.
    I love all 3 drinks. The daily cleanse really gets me going and the protein drink is amazing.
    Can I do this once a week for weight loss? I have already lost 4 lbs. and on day 2. Thank you for a great product. I miss wine the most.

    • The Sambazon Purifying Cleanse + Meal Plan is designed to be a complete nutrition plan meaning that it meets your nutritional needs for whenever you want to cleanse. I do it once a month-ish but you can definitely try it weekly, Cheri! -Michelle

  3. Hello.I stumbled your product at costco and want to try it. Since I’m not familiar with the products, I want to learn more. While reading the blog, I wanted to know if there is any instructions or information for approved meals to have during the 3 day cleanse especially I will be preparing the food myself.
    thank you.

  4. I love all your juices …. Can I just drink um when ever I like?
    Plus I only had a small roasted beet for lunch because I didn’t have the other ingredeants .. Is that ok?
    Thank u for making gmo free organic wonderful products … Love love love them … This just in no sugar was the hardest thing for me …. I eat a tune of candy every day ..

    • Hey Jayme! So stoked you are digging the juice. If you are following the meal plan, we suggest you drink the Daily Cleanse within an hour of waking, the Purifying Greens with lunch and the Protein Recharge as an afternoon snack. If you’re not following the meal plan, you can drink the juice whenever you like, just like any of our other beverages. And yes, a few modified recipes while following the Purifying Cleanse is totally okay. Good luck with continuing to eliminate processed sugar, that can be tricky, but hopefully the natural sugars from fruit are keeping you satisfied and happy :) -Michelle

  5. Just finished the Purifying Cleanse.
    Delicious!!! Best tasting cleanse I ever tried!!! Not a fan of kale, but the way the Sambazon drink was prepared, I will try kale again. The recipe book was fantastic! I will continue to cook my family the meals I have prepared during the cleanse. Thank you for this amazing product!

    • That is so fantastic, Lynne. We are stoked you enjoyed it, will continue with the recipes AND are open to trying more kale! Just awesome. -Michelle

  6. My husband and I were considering doing 6 days of the juice cleanse followed by a free day and the repeating to lose weight. Is this ok?

    • Hi Mary, This cleanse is not developed with weight loss as a goal. Any weight you do lose on the Sambazon Purifying Cleanse is a bonus of getting healthier by consuming a nutrient balanced, quality ingredient nutrition plan. You can repeat it as often as you like because the Cleanse + Meal Plan offers a balanced and complete diet and it is a great way to form new healthier eating habits.

  7. Loved this cleanse. Got it at Costco. Told all my friends to get it. Loved all the drinks. Easy to achieve. I just wish you had a 9 day cleanse….3 is just not enough. Do I just buy 3 packages and do the 9 day cleanse like that? Dont stop selling it at Costco!

    • Yes, because the Cleanse + Meal Plan offers a balanced and complete diet you can definitely continue it for 9 days if you like. Let us know how it goes! The juices are also starting to be sold individually so even if Costco decides to stop selling it, you should be able to find them at other stores soon. -Michelle

  8. I LOVE this 3 day cleanse and the Recipes are GREAT! I did it once and 2 other girlfriends joined me. only down fall? we cant find it any where since then, Cost Co has not stocked it again in our area. :(
    I visited your web site and will visit a few more stores on my way home.
    LOVE this stufff, Desi
    Lake Elsinore, CA. trying to locate Purifying Cleanse

    • Hey Desi, thank you so much. I am so happy to hear you loved the 3 Day Purifying Cleanse – doing it with friends is totally the way to go! We are hoping Costco brings it back in stores in January, but I don’t have anything official to share. One fun thing, you can now buy the 3 juices individually at some locations! At, check the boxes next to “Purifying Greens” “Daily Cleanse” and “Protein Recharge” then search by your zip code – hopefully a store by you has them! Much love -Michelle

  9. I LOVE the 3-day Purifying Cleanse!!! Unfortunately, my Costco stopped carrying it :( (. I’m hoping to find it at another retailer in the Dallas area.

    • Hey Heather! Yes, there was a link to alternatives, however since the bundled 3-Day Cleanse is no longer being sold, we had to remove that portion of the website. Hopefully Costco will bring it back in the future. Much love, Michelle

      • The 3-Day cleanse bundle is no longer being sold? I just bought it at Costco on 9/23/2014. Is this currently being phased out or has it bee brought back by Costco?

        • Hi Carissa, Costco has decided not to have it in stores right now but we hope they decide to bring it back in January! The best way to find out is to ask your store manager – and ask all your friends and family (and the new friends you meet in line) to do the same ;) -Michelle

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