St Patrick’s Day Superfoods - 03.14.2014

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun excuse to spruce up your smoothies and acai bowls with festive superfoods.

St. Patrick's Day Recipes

We’ve picked our three favorite festive superfoods to whip up some healthy St. Patrick’s Day inspired recipes to keep you pinch-free and smiling all day long.

1. Greens

17 Farmer's Market greens

Whether it’s Kale, Spinach or Collards, greens are a must for any good St. Patrick’s Day recipe. Leafy green vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals which keep you and your body strong. They are also full of water and fiber which keep you hydrated (perhaps to help offset dehydration from the Irish whiskey?) and feeling full longer plus both improve digestion. Make sure you blend some into whatever you’re making (smoothies, acai bowls, veggie burgers… you won’t even know they’re there!)

2. Ginger

17 Fresh Ginger

The red heads of our world are the inspiration for our next superfood. Ginger is a root that is full of flavor and can add a bit of spice to any meal. Ginger is fantastic at aiding in digestive health, can reduce nausea, and can help clear congestion. Guess what? That means it’s great for mornings after, ah-hem, you may have had too much of a certain colored beer.

A Pot of Gold: Golden Beets, Mango & Bee Pollen

Golden Beets

  • Golden Beets: Along with containing vitamins and minerals, beets are also very detoxifying for your liver, can purify your blood + they are a high source of energy!
  • Mango is packed with Vitamin C to keep your immune system strong and help your body heal itself. It’s also packed with Vitamin A to help maintain healthy skin and vision. Plus it’s got fiber to keep you full and maintain digestive health and folate to support a healthy heart.
  • Bee Pollen is made by hard-working honey bees and is rich on proteins, amino acids and vitamins including B-complex and folic acid. It can boost your energy and immune system plus it could improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Get your gold!

And now, for the tasty recipes:

The Green Smoothie Acai Bowl packs a kale punch as the perfect morning treat to start your day right.

Green Smoothie Açaí Bowl  |  Sambazon


The Ginger + Greens Smoothie has collard greens, celery, apple, banana and ginger to keep you full or help cure whatever ails you the day after.

Ginger + Green Smoothie

The Golden Beet + Mango Acai Bowl is packed with golden treasures to delight your mind, body and soul (in case you never find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow).

Golden Beet + Mango Acai Bowl

Sambazon Golden Beet + Mango Acai Bowl

Let us know what superfood mixers you’re vibing on this holiday in the comment section. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Tribe!

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