The Sambazon World Bowl Q&A - 06.12.2014

The world’s most exciting soccer tournament and our Sambazon World Bowl Recipe Competition are off to a great start! We hope these help answer any questions you may have had after reading more about the Sambazon World Bowl Recipe Competition.

The Sambazon World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest

Q.             Can I submit multiple entries to the contest?

A.             You may only make one submission to the contest.


Q.             Will you be testing each recipe?

A.             We would love to try each recipe, and eventually probably will, but the contest will be judged without tasting each entry.  We will go by the photograph and the recipe that you submit. We have chefs on the task!


Q.             Can I use the camera on my phone to take the picture for my submission?

A.             It is possible to take great photographs with a phone, and if that’s all you have then don’t let that hold you back, but if possible get your hands on a dedicated camera and use that to photograph your creation.


Q.             If I win, how will I store all of that acai?

A.             We will send the acai separated into periodic shipments for ease of storage.  If you do not want the acai we are happy to donate it to a food bank of your choice located within the lower 48 states.


Q.             I am not on Facebook, is there any other way I can enter the contest?

A.             Yes, you can enter by tagging your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #SambazonRecipe. Include your recipe in the caption along with the hashtag.


Q.             How will you let me know if I win?

A.             If you win we will do our best to contact you using the information you provide on the entry form.  If you enter via Instagram we will contact you through that channel.  If we cannot get in touch with you, after 60 days we will award the prize to the contestant with the next highest number of votes, so heads up!


Let us know if we missed any of your questions in the comments below.


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