World Bowl Winners!

Congratulations to Gina from GranolaBitch, our 2014 WORLD BOWL recipe contest winner!

World Bowl 2014 Winner!

She is getting a year supply of Sambazon and a new Olympus camera!!

Sambazon World Cup Prizes

Congrats to all the other winners as well! They are some seriously amazing people who created artful and inspiring acai bowl recipes. Read a little more about each of them below.

The World Bowl Finalists  |  Sambazon

The Greece inspired acai bowl recipe was created by Sophia from Veggies Don’t Bite. Her passion is living a vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free life 90% of the time because “you don’t have to be perfect to make healthy choices.”

Greece-inspired Acai Bowl

The USA Melting Pot Acai was created by Jecka from Bright Greys. Her passions are graphic design, style & beauty, DIY and food!

USA Melting Pot Acai Bowl

The From Russia With Love acai bowl was created by Ksenia from Breakfast Criminals, whose passion is recipes of superfood breakfasts, clean living, positive vibes, and heart bowls.

From Russia With Love Acai Bowl

Heather made this super creative Algerian Flag Açaí Bowl with pistachios and cherries!

Algerian Flag Acai Bowl with pistachios and cherries

The Brazil Nut Butter Acai Bowl was created by Kathy from The Lunchbox Bunch, whose passion is healthy happy living, sunshine, farmer’s markets, travel, smoothies and all things cozy, lovely and inspiring.

Brazil Nut Butter Acai Bowl

They are each receiving a Purple Love kit that includes an etched glass, wood bowl + spoon, acai seed bracelet, and a Sambazon Kitchen recipe book.

I cannot fully express my gratitude to everyone who participated. Have a beautiful day!

Tips for Awesome Food Photography

Tips for Awesome Food Photography | Sambazon

When shooting pictures for your acai bowl recipes to be entered into the World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest this June-July 2014, here are some of our favorite helpful tips for food photography.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #1: Looks matter

Make sure you choose the best looking food to feature in your photographs.  If you’re getting into it like a food stylist, you will want to go through a whole box of berries to find the perfect specimen or examine each peach in the bin to find the perfect peachy-ness. Sometimes the choice is not as obvious as the oranges above, so inspect each option closely.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #2: Lighting is everything | Sambazon

Using the right lighting in your shot is important to show texture and make the food look as mouth-watering as possible. We usually opt for indirect natural light, which can be found during the “Golden Hour”  – the hour after sunrise and before sunset when the light has a rich, golden color that brings out vivid colors when photographed.  When shooting with natural light, make sure you are prepped and ready to snap your shot because the light can quickly change as the sun moves.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #3 Accessorize | Sambazon

Props like bowls, spoons and raw ingredients add interesting colors and textures to your shots. Use simple dish-ware without patterns to avoid competing with the food for center stage.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #4 Mist-ify | Sambazon

To make fruits and vegetables glisten, brush them with a bit of olive oil, or mist them with water. It will make them seem freshly picked from a dew-covered tree. Hashtag morning dew.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #5 Take a bite | Sambazon

Once you have the shot that you want, enjoy a bite then take another shot.  When a shot is too perfect it can look overly composed and artificial. Plus, when you’re shooting acai bowls it lets a peek of purple show through!


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #6 Work the Angles | Sambazon

Move down to plate level or just above it to get a different angle.  Getting low can bring out different features of the shot you may not appreciate from the normal position, as well as variations in texture and color.  Use your lens and move the camera to get closer to the food.  Try moving around the dish to get different angles.

Getting really close to your subject matter highlight the ingredients and focuses attention exclusively on the food.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #7 App Time | Sambazon

If you are taking photos with a smart phone, apps can help improve the quality of your picture. We like Camera+, Snapseed, VSCO and even Instagram’s new Creative Tools make it super easy to edit + post all in one place.


Tips for Awesome Food Photography #8 Bokeh | Sambazon

Bokeh (pronounced BOH-kay) is the pleasing or aesthetic quality of out-of-focus blur in a photograph. This can be used to highlight specific ingredients like the cacao nibs in the photograph above.  If you have access to a camera with a fast lens, such as f2.8 or wider, you can create bokeh. In order to get the lens wide open, use the Aperture Priority or Manual-shooting mode. Manual gives you the ability to choose both your aperture and shutter speed, whereas Aperture Priority will allow you to choose the f/stop while the camera chooses the appropriate shutter speed for the exposure.

If you don’t own a fast prime lens you can increase the chances of bokeh by increasing the distance between your subject and the background, and decreasing the distance between your camera and the food you are shooting.

The Sambazon World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest

Well there you have it! Some of our favorite tips when we’re shooting tasty acai bowls for as long as we can bear to wait before devouring them. We can’t wait to drool over your photo entries for the World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest.

Learn more about the World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest and get some inspiration from recent entries.

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Sambazon Pure Unsweetened Smoothie Packs

The Sambazon World Bowl Q&A

The world’s most exciting soccer tournament and our Sambazon World Bowl Recipe Competition are off to a great start! We hope these help answer any questions you may have had after reading more about the Sambazon World Bowl Recipe Competition.

The Sambazon World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest

Q.             Can I submit multiple entries to the contest?

A.             You may only make one submission to the contest.


Q.             Will you be testing each recipe?

A.             We would love to try each recipe, and eventually probably will, but the contest will be judged without tasting each entry.  We will go by the photograph and the recipe that you submit. We have chefs on the task!


Q.             Can I use the camera on my phone to take the picture for my submission?

A.             It is possible to take great photographs with a phone, and if that’s all you have then don’t let that hold you back, but if possible get your hands on a dedicated camera and use that to photograph your creation.


Q.             If I win, how will I store all of that acai?

A.             We will send the acai separated into periodic shipments for ease of storage.  If you do not want the acai we are happy to donate it to a food bank of your choice located within the lower 48 states.


Q.             I am not on Facebook, is there any other way I can enter the contest?

A.             Yes, you can enter by tagging your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #SambazonRecipe. Include your recipe in the caption along with the hashtag.


Q.             How will you let me know if I win?

A.             If you win we will do our best to contact you using the information you provide on the entry form.  If you enter via Instagram we will contact you through that channel.  If we cannot get in touch with you, after 60 days we will award the prize to the contestant with the next highest number of votes, so heads up!


Let us know if we missed any of your questions in the comments below.


The Sambazon World Bowl Recipe Contest

The Sambazon World Bowl Photo + Recipe Competition is inspired by the world’s greatest soccer contest starting June 12, 2014 in Brazil!

The Sambazon World Bowl Recipe + Photo Contest

5 steps to get in on the action

1) Pick a country competing in the soccer tournament that inspires you. A full list of countries is listed in the game brackets below.

The game bracket of who's competing in the world's largest soccer tournament.

2) Create an inspired acai bowl recipe using Sambazon Frozen Smoothie Packs.

2) Take a beautiful photograph of your acai bowl.


3) Submit your recipe + photograph on Facebook or on Instagram with #SambazonRecipe between June 12, 2014 – July 3, 2014 for chance to win*. We’ll be highlighting entries so get your recipe + photo in early! 6 finalists will be chosen July 4.

4) Get your friends and followers to vote for your creation to win a year supply of Sambazon** and a DSLR camera. Finalists will also win a Sambazon Love Bomb Kit that includes an etched glass, t-shirt, wood bowl + spoon, acai seed bracelet, and a Sambazon Kitchen recipe book.

5) The finalist with the most votes at 12:00 midnight PST on July 13, 2014 will be the Sambazon World Bowl Champion!

Sambazon World Cup Prizes

Questions? Check out some of our most commonly asked. Or ask in the comments below.


*Winner must be located in the lower 48 United States to receive the Sambazon portion of the prize due to shipping considerations.

**A “year supply of Sambazon” is defined as 365 Sambazon products, excluding Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder (i.e. 165 10.5 oz Freshies + 100 Smoothie packs + 95 Amazon Energy drinks + 5 pints Acai Sorbet!)


2014 Instagram Takeover

In the name of spreading purple love, we are giving up control of our Instagram account @Sambazon through May! It’s fun to mix it up + it’ll be awesome to shine light on people who believe in pioneering nutrition, epic taste and a higher consciousness for people and the planet. And share our love of Amazon Superfoods like acai.


Plus, for each takeover we’re giving away a Purple Love kit!! Each will include a case of 10.5 oz Freshies, a wood bowl + spoon, and a Sambazon Kitchen recipe book. All you have to do is comment on any/all of the posts and the take-overer (yes) will pick a winner at the end of their few days. Bonus points for cleverness. It’s going to be awesome.

Sambazon Purple Love kit

Here’s who’s taking over and choosing the weekly winners:

@WavesForWater: an amazing non-profit working to help bring access to clean drinking water to people around the world.

Sambazon Takeover by wavesforwater

@AlisonAdventures: a surfer and film maker who takes sustainable adventures around the world to share secrets of survival, sustainability and happiness!

Sambazon Takeover by alisonsadventures

@BradleyCastaneda: a minimalist vegetarian adventurer from the Pacific Northwest.

Sambazon Takeover by bradleycastaneda

@NutritionStripped: a dietitian and wellness coach who loves green smoothies and creates deliciously simple and nourishing whole food recipes.

Sambazon Takeover by nutritionstripped

Do you love this, hate this or don’t play on Instagram? It’s always good times when you’re sharing your thoughts in a comment or on Instagram!

Alison’s Adventures Acai Bowl

Alison's Adventures Tropical Sambazon Acai Bowl

Alison from Alison’s Adventures is a surfer and film maker who takes sustainable adventures around the world to share secrets of survival, sustainability and happiness. She also recently starred in Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid and told us acai helped bring her back to health after being marooned on an island for 21 days. We are stoked that she was able to take some time away from her most recent adventure to share her favorite acai bowl recipe with Sambazon.

And, bonus, she got her mom from Yoga Adventures (a 40 year yogi!) in on the fun.

Alison's Adventures + her beautiful mom share a Sambazon acai bowl

Watch their acai bowl making adventure including health tips, then get the recipe to make your own  Alison’s Adventure’s Tropical Sambazon Acai Bowl.

Mouth-wateringly beautiful!

Alison's Adventures Tropical Acai Bowl

Shout out to Sarah Lee for these photography + video skills.

Supergreens with Kale + Ginger

Sambazon Supergreens with Kale + Ginger is now available in a 1.5 L multi-serve pack at Costco locations!

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Sambazon Supergreens with Kale + Ginger


  • Açaí berries deliver powerful antioxidants and healthy omegas
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  • Perfect as a wholesome snack or light meal

Find Sambazon Supergreens with Kale + Ginger

Visit our new Sambazon Locator and click Supergreens with Kale and Ginger under the Single-serve section before searching for retailers in your zip code. If you see a Costco location, you found a spot that carries the 1.5 L Supergreens.

What’s your favorite thing about Supergreens with Kale + Ginger?

12 Sambazon Sustainability Practices

For more than a decade now, we have been on a mission to positively change the world through positive nutrition, sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship and social justice. In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we rounded up 12 Sambazon sustainable practices. Here’re our humble contributions:

As part of its Fair Trade business model, Sambazon has helped build schools in Brazil to give back to the Amazon community

First acai (ah-sigh-ee), the king of the superfruit jungle that started it all.

1)    Sambazon worked with Ecocert to create the first Fair Trade guidelines for Acai. There are now rigorous certification standards plus a percentage of acai purchases are now used for local Brazil improvement projects such as building 2 schools (in Breves and Mazagao) and donating equipment to day care centers, women’s shelters and homes for underprivileged children in Amapa.

Sambazon worked directly with EcoCert to create the original fair trade acai market

Acai is about 90% seed and only 10% fruit so, when the fruit is removed, the seeds were once considered waste. Now:

2)    Sambazon reengineered the boilers in our factory in Brazil to burn acai seeds for fuel instead of burning virgin wood; This helps contribute to preserving about 2 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest!

"Nature is not a place to visit. It is home"

3)    We also helped two local brick factories convert their furnaces to burn acai seeds instead of wood and we donate seeds to help fuel their businesses.

Sambazon donates acai seeds to fuel local businesses to preserve the Amazon Rainforest and reduce the consumption of virgin wood

4)    We’ve donated seeds, drilling, polishing and staining equipment to local women’s charities that make and sell acai seed necklaces and bracelets creating income and independence for local families.

Sambazon has dontated acai seeds and equipment to local women's charities

Outside of the acai berry, but still in the Amazon Rainforest:

5)    Sambazon thoroughly filters water from the Amazon River to use for washing acai. The water is then recaptured and returned to the Amazon River cleaner than it started. Bonus: We even use the sediment removed from the water as fertilizer to grow different types of seedlings. We then donate the seedlings to local acai harvesters to promote biodiversity.

Sambazon filters water from the Amazon River to wash acai then they return it to the river cleaner than its original state

6)    When it’s not harvest season, we host education seminars for local acai farmers learn agro-forestry management techniques like organic and sustainable harvesting and maintaining and promoting biodiversity.

Sambazon helps teach local acai harvesters to maintain a biodiverse region and keep the Amazon Rainforest thriving

In the United States,

7)     Approximately 25% of our cross-country transport of Sambazon Freshies and Frozen treats is done by train, as opposed to individual trucks, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

8)    The boxes we use to hold our 10.5oz Freshies are made of 86% post-consumer recycled content and we use only environmentally safe soy based inks to print on them.

9)    All the Amazon Energy and Low-Calorie Amazon Energy cans are made from a minimum of 50% recycled aluminum content.

10) Sambazon 33.8 oz Freshies are packaged in Tetra Pack that is made from 70% renewable resources, are 100% recyclable, and, because they use 22% less packaging than our previous bottles, we are able to ship nearly 25% more product at a time resulting in lower greenhouse gas outputs.

Sambazon's Tetra Pack is made from 70 percent renewable resources and are 100 percent recyclable

11)    The producer that freeze dries Sambazon’s Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder uses an onsite solar field that provides approximately 65% of it’s energy in peak hours + they use a heat recovery system reducing their natural gas demand by 15%.

12)    The adhesive label for our Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder is made of FSC certified paper with 30% recycled content, agri based inks + water based adhesives.

Much purple love to you for being a part of the passion, purpose and creativity of Sambazon.