You have questions, we’ve got answers!

Q: Why can’t I buy the Acai berries?

A: Acai berries are 98 percent seed and lose most of their nutritional value after 24 hours after being harvested. Because of this, we harvest the berries and immediately have the pulp scraped off the seeds into a puree. The puree is then flash pasteurized (required by law) and quick frozen into the smoothie packs or bulk drums to be used for the RTD Smoothies.

Q: Can the new 10.5 oz bottles be recycled?

A: Absolutely! Our new bottles have a #1 on the bottom and may be recycled anywhere plastic recycling is offered.

Q: What certifications come with Sambazon Acai?

A: Sambazon products are USDA certified organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, B Corporation, Vegan, Gluten Free and made with Fair Trade certified açaí.

Q: How much Acai should I eat per day to get the benefits?

A: There is no USDA guideline on how much Acai one should consume in a day. Antioxidant research suggests we should get at least 3000-5000 ORAC units per day to significantly impact antioxidant activity, and reduce as much free radical damage as possible to your body’s cellular structure. On average, most Americans are only taking in about 1200 ORAC units per day, well below recommended levels. One Pack of Sambazon Acai has about 6000 ORAC units, one of our Acai smoothies or juices have anywhere 5,000- 15,000 ORAC units.

Q: How do Sambazon Products compare to other açaí products on the market?

A: Because açaí is very new to the US, no standards have been put in place to regulate how much açaí fruit must be in a product in order for it to claim it is açaí. We are working with the USDA to establish guidelines to keep companies from creating products that make açaí claims without delivering açaí nutrition. açaí is also very perishable so when you see products that have an off flavor or smell they may be using spoiled açaí.

Q: What is the difference between the Sambazon Original Açaí and the Unsweetened Açaí Smoothie Packs.

A: Sambazon Unsweeted Açaí Smoothie Packs are straight Açaí pulp without any sweeteners. The Original Açaí Smoothie Packs are the traditional blend enjoyed in Brazil, a mix of açaí pulp with guarana syrup (açaí is a fruit with almost no sugar and sweetening it brings out its rich flavor). We have created an organic guarana syrup using green cane juice with a very small amount of guarana seed extract – about 20 mg per serving – which has about 1 mg caffeine).

Q: Is Acai available in a powder form?

A: Yes, check out our Organic Freeze Dried Açaí Powder on the product page of our website. Beware of some powders out there that use high heat to dry the açaí – killing most of the açaí nutrition. Some other açaí pills and powders found on the web and in some health food stores contain very little açaí.

Q: Does açaí help you lose weight?

A: Even though there is not yet any clinical proof, many people tell us they have lost weight after putting açaí in their diet. Açaí is rich in healthy fats, so it is very satisfying (as most fatty foods). When you are satisfied you eat less and this seems to be the case with açaí. Many people say they feel like eating lighter and healthier when they put açaí in their diet.

Q: Is Sambazon a publicly traded company?

A: Sambazon is not publicly traded at this time and we have not yet decided if/when we will go public.

Q: Do you have investors?

A: We do have a relatively small pool of investors which we work with in an ongoing relationship.

Q: Are you taking on investors?

A: We are not currently raising capital. However, we are always open to discussing strategic partnership opportunities with qualified organizations and/or parties. If you are interested in investing in Sambazon, please answer the following two questions and submit an email to us at

  1. Your name and contact information.
  2. The name of your organization and a brief description of its activities.