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Our Original Açaí, Blueberry Pomegranate, and Energy Superfood Juices are now available in 1L (33.8oz) Tetra Pak cartons. This lighter, more compact package helps better protect the high quality, freshness, and superior nutrition of our delicious juices. Plus our new pack ...

Keeps Juice Fresh

Sambazon juice is kept cold from the second it’s filled to the time it hits stores. Rest assured, while it is a new cool pack on the outside, it’s the same great juice on the inside. So keep it cold to keep it fresh, its still perishable!

Protects the planet

70% of the materials in our new carton are sourced through renewable resources including paperboard from sustainably managed forests and selectively harvested, re-grown trees.

Less Packaging

Tetra Pak cartons mean less packaging and more juice! In fact, each bottle is 96% juice and only 4% packaging. More Sambazon to enjoy, less to recycle!

100% recyclable

Tetra Paks are recyclable! Check out the Carton Council website at recyclecartons.com to learn more and see if recycling is available in your community!