Sambazon & Costco making positive change - 01.26.2013

Ola, Tribe!

If you follow us on Facebook, you already know we’ve declared 2013 as the year of 365 Days of Positive Change. I firmly believe that to make real, positive change in this world we all need to foster a healthy disregard for the impossible.

That’s why from the beginning, Sambazon has been based on a philosophy called the Triple Bottom Line, which not only measures success economically but also socially and environmentally. When a Triple Bottom Line business makes a profit, everyone wins. From the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest which provides amazing fruits and botanicals that is now sustainably harvested, to the farmers who work the land that now earn a healthy living, to our employees who translate this Amazon magic into next level products; and finally to you, our consumers who ultimately use these delicious powers to help further your own health and wellness missions while feeling good knowing that every fresh juice or frozen goodie you buy makes a positive impact on the communities and forests of the Brazilian Amazon.

We feel that this is an awesome model of how business should operate and that with enough of them out there, then capitalism, in fact can be a positive force for change and a major contributor to a sustainable future.

We are proud that through the years we have made decisions for our business and products with a higher consciousness. These efforts have not gone un-noticed and we are excited that our Triple Bottom Line philosophy is being recognized by not only passionate tribe members like yourself but also some of our finest and largest retailers like Costco who just featured a story on our market driven conservation model in The Costco Connection.

We are honored that Costco is recognizing the positive good Sambazon and our products are bringing to the world and that they share our earnest commitment to social and environmental well-being. Together we are making positive change in the world, and for that we are most grateful. Check out The Costco Connection article here.

Positive change can start every day of the year with small and simple acts. I hope you’ll join me on this journey of 365 Days of Positive Change in 2013. To give you some inspiration along the way, cruise by our Facebook page or other social networks, where we’re sharing bits of encouragement, revelation and just plain fun.


Ryan Black
Sambazon CEO & Co-Founder

4 thoughts on “Sambazon & Costco making positive change

  1. Dear Ryan,

    We have been admiring your company for quite a while now and we are very interested on the whole concept Sambazon represents.

    We where born and raised in Costa Rica and we are fascinated with the existence of the acai berry and how you guys developed this fruit into such a successful product. As citizens of a third world country we admire the whole idea of giving opportunities to less fortunate families. Your company has helped to educate these families about sustainable resources and that’s amazing to us as well!

    Cause we were raised in a country like Costa Rica, its noticeable that we depend mostly on tourism to survive. Fruits and vegetables grow everywhere around us so our diet is based of many organic and healthy foods. Our culture is always interested in learning new ways to eat better without impacting our environment.

    We where wondering if you guys where interested in expanding your products to Central America? We have several investors attracted to introduce your brand to our beautiful country.

    All of your products would have a positive feedback by the Ticos cause of their healthy background plus we would be a small part of the huge collaboration you guys are doing for our southern friends from Brazil.

    Your company represents the change we need to pursue in this world and we would love to be part of it. We look forward to your reply!

    Pura Vida,

    Luciana Vargas and Veronica Monge

  2. Hello Ryan,
    This is just a thank you for your gorgeous products. I’m thrilled that you sell the large bottles at Costco, which is very much appreciated and I look forward to trying your new products (breakfast smoothie and the coffee). Thanks again for creating these amazing, healthy offerings! Best regards,
    Lauren K.
    New York, NY USA

  3. I started your 3 day Purifying Cleanse today (from Costco) and am looking for the “complete printable shipping list” that is supposed to be on your site…can’t find it? Thanks!

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