Knowledge is Bliss – Why Label Transparency Matters - 11.20.2012

Ola change-makers:

I’ve always believed that a healthy mind, body, soul and planet all begin with the food we eat. In the weeks leading up to the election, we were passionately spreading the word about why it was important to vote “yes” on California Proposition 37 and support the national Food Label Transparency Movement. Plain and simple, we believe we all have a right to know what’s in our food, and we launched our grassroots social media campaign, Knowledge is Bliss, to share this message.

Unfortunately, the Yes on 37 campaign was outspent by huge agri-business conglomerates and corporations that launched an onslaught of misleading advertising. However, it was inspiring to see so many industry leaders unite to stir grassroots support for the campaign, and the fight for food label transparency isn’t over.

Even without a vote, we can still make our actions count nationwide by signing the Federal GMO labeling petition and by choosing to not purchase foods that contain genetically modified ingredients. Also, you can still visit our Knowledge Is Bliss Facebook tab, where you’ll find a quick “Shop Smart” guide on how to spot GMOs in the grocery store and download our Non-GMO Coupon Booklet, which includes great offers from us and our fellow non-GMO partners – Nature’s Path, Lundberg Farms, Mary’s Gone Crackers, Earth Balance, Vapour Organic Beauty and Uncle Matt’s Organics.

As we head into the holiday season and prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m thankful that we have a choice at the grocery store and have access to fresh, organic, non-GMO foods. I hope that someday soon, we will also have a label that clearly lets us know what’s in the food that we feed our families. Until that day comes, we will continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard by partnering with the Non-GMO Project to independently verify our products. We hope you’ll look for the Non-GMO Project seal at the grocery store & ask your favorite brands to participate.

I know that keeping the Food Label Transparency topic top-of-mind and continually welcoming new people to the conversation will help us continue the fight for the fundamental right of all Americans to know what is in our food. I hope that you will join me in this fight for our right to know!

Power to the purple!

Ryan Black
Sambazon CEO & Co-Founder

3 thoughts on “Knowledge is Bliss – Why Label Transparency Matters

  1. Ryan:
    I think you may have a very healthy products; however, in your Costco article you never mention the amount of sugar that is contained in one serving which is quite high. So the supposed benefits may be negated by the amount of sugar, that is why you are seeing Orange juice brands producing a “lite” version of 11g instead of 22g
    David Lubert

    • Another point to make is that the pesticides being used and deoelvped at this time are systemic , they are meant to be absorbed into the plant. So not only do we eat pesticides such as Bt Toxin, we are eating a second pesticide such as clothiandin that is being sprayed on the GMO plants. The EPA approves the pesticides, however does no testing of its own. They are not allowed to recommend labeling cautions. The FDA also does not test on its own. Plenty of studies show the endocrine disorders etc. We deserve to make our own decisions because afterall, it is a free market, eh? Well, truth be told, it’s only a free market for the big corporations, not for us because we’re kept in the dark.

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