Coming to a Costco near you! - 12.16.2014

We’ve been working over the last year and half to craft a reduced sugar juice that packs all the superfood nutrition acai has to offer – while taking advantage of the fact acai has no naturally occurring sugar. Aaaand the day is finally here! Introducing Sambazon REDUCED SUGAR Acai Berry Amazon Superfood Juice. This 100%   …Continue Reading

Amazon Trip 2014: Part 3 of 3 - 12.06.2014

A boat ride up the Amazon River can be adventurous enough.  It is an entirely different experience when you cram 30 hammocks in a space that can comfortably fit 15 and then have 2-3 people per hammock. This would be our ferry ride.  9 hours later, we arrived in Limão do Curuá, deep in the   …Continue Reading

Amazon Trip 2014: Part 2 of 3 - 12.04.2014

After two days in Rio, it was time to make our way up to the Amazon Rainforest.  After a full day of travel we landed in Macapa located at the mouth of the Amazon River Estuary and referred to by residents as “the capital of the middle of the world” given the equator runs right   …Continue Reading

Amazon Trip 2014: Part 1 of 3 - 12.02.2014

Rio de Janeiro It was açaí that inspired our founders to start Sambazon nearly 15 years ago.  This unique purple berry has a rich history in Brazil. As you can see in our most recent video, takes an inspiring journey from the Amazon Rainforest. Every year we travel back to Brazil and up to the   …Continue Reading

Acai Journey – Video Sneak Peek! - 09.12.2014

It was nearly 15 years ago since we first started bringing acai from the heart of the Brazilian Amazon to the World.  Our latest video traces the journey acai takes from atop 40’ palms in the Rainforest to the palm of your hand by way of our organic fresh juices and frozen goods. The 6 chapters   …Continue Reading